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Sadat Montgomery
19 June 2018
Accident Law
Most drivers will admit to driving while distracted at some point or another. Whether it's putting on makeup, eating, or texting while driving, we've all done it. Although any type of distracted drivi...
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nisha crist dcosta
11 May 2018
IntroductionAn Advocate in this sense is an expert in the field of law. Distinctive nations' lawful frameworks utilize the term with fairly varying implications. The wide proportional in numerous Engl...
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25 March 2018
Fасіng business bankruptcy for buѕіnеѕѕ оwnеrѕ may ѕееm dаuntіng. If уоu аrе a sole proprietor tо уоur business, уоu саn gеt rіd оf buѕіnеѕѕ and реrѕоnаl debts аt оnе tіmе іf уоu fіlе a Chapter 7 bank...
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23 March 2018
Legal News
Stark Law has three provisions that govern how Medicare and Medicaid patients can be referred by a physician to a facility in which the physician has financial interest. The Stark Law history is based...
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  • Marin Lorena created a new forum post in Criminal Law
    50 cases against Xarelto are already going to court. Consumers are frustrated with false advertising by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the marketing company responsible for Xarelto advertising.

    Xarelto is a blood thinner prescribed to stop blood from clotting and reduce the risk of strokes. Though side effects are listed on the packaging, consumers have been suffering from severe side effects they were not warned of.

    The following are side effects listed by Xarelto :
    ● Nosebleeds
    ● Bleeding of the gums
    ● Heavier than normal menstrual or vaginal bleeding
    ● Severe, uncontrollable bleeding
    ● Discolored urine
    ● Red or black stool
    ● Coughing up blood
    ● Vomitting blood
    ● Headaches
    ● Dizziness
    ● Pain, swelling, or continued bleeding at the site of a wound.

    The severe side effects not listed, that consumers are suffering from include the following:
    ● Bleeding of the rectum
    ● Intestinal or abdominal bleeding
    ● Bleeding of the brain
    ● Hemorrhaging

    Victims of Xarelto are spending extended periods of time in the hospital as doctors struggle to stop their bleeding. Until recently, doctors were not connecting that many patients suffering with severe internal bleeding were suffering from effects of Xarelto. This is due mainly to the false advertising on the packaging and in commercials for the drug.

    Those who have suffered or seen loved ones suffer from the severe side effects of Xarelto, are seeking Lawyers to take action against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer. In a similar case of false advertising, the supplier and marketing company awarded over $650 million to victims of Pradaxa who suffered severe internal bleeding were. Victims of Xarelto are expected to see similar settlements for their own suffering.

    Victims are looking for lawyers to take on their product liability cases today.
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  • Courtney Donahue created a new forum post in Other Legal Areas
    From time to time, personal situations may occur that require legal assistance and representation, such as the legal services from John Greene. The problem is not finding a lawyer. It is finding one who is not only qualified in legal matters, including those in the courtroom, but who you can trust and who puts a client's interest first and foremost.

    Here are four tips to find a qualified lawyer who will be attentive to your needs:
    1. Are you working directly with the attorney you are hiring?
    When you hire a lawyer, you are under the impression that the professional you choose is who you will be working with to solve your legal problem. However, too often a client is passed off to an associate lawyer affiliate with the attorney you hired, or to a paralegal.
    Therefore, when choosing a lawyer, make sure that he or she will be working with you directly from the start of your case to the end of it. In addition, verify that your attorney will also be available for any post-trial circumstances that may arise.
    2. Does the attorney seem organized?
    You hire a lawyer because, as a professional, he or she is expected to be skilled in everything that has to do with your case. They are the one's trained in gathering evidence, preparing legal documents, interviewing witnesses, handling negotiations and conducting themselves in a courtroom.
    Meet with the attorney you choose for a case evaluation before you begin. Trust your instinct as to whether or not the attorney is truly organized, educated and prepared for your case. You should never feel like your case is in the wrong hands.
    3. Is the attorney specifically skilled in your particular issue?
    There are various types of cases that a lawyer may handle. Therefore it's important that you choose an attorney well-versed in your specific situation. Those practice areas should be clearly laid out and defined on the attorney's website and then reiterated in a consultation or an evaluation meeting.
    Areas that an attorney may specialize in include criminal defense, drug and marijuana offenses, DUI, auto accidents, divorce, alimony, child support and custody, bankruptcy, and more.
    An attorney that specializes in your particular situation can give you the better representation than a professional who has the degree, but who does not have the experience.
    4. How confident is your attorney?
    This is a characteristic that will rely primarily on your instinct, but trusting your intuition is never a bad thing. Is your attorney confident in his counsel and on what he is advising? Or do you feel like you're leading the conversations?
    A qualified and confident attorney will instruct you on the law and on what you need to know without sugarcoating it. It is only for your good that a lawyer gives you the information you need to know truthfully and without skimping on the facts.
    Follow these four tips to find a qualified Florida attorney in the Destin area. The legal services from John Greene can address your legal problem and remove it from your life.
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