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Premier providers of Corporate Finance / Restructuring, Forensic Accounting, Economic Consulting and Trial Services.

Since 1999, we have been recognized as a high caliber consulting firm providing and supporting expert witness testimony.

Our testifying experts and analysts have extensive knowledge in applying finance and economics to complex problems in high-stakes litigation. Our significant trial experience brings valuable, first-hand knowledge about the kind and scope of economic evidence that is persuasive in the courtroom.

We have testified in Federal Court, Tax Court and other state courts on issues involving valuation, contested mergers and acquisitions, breach of fiduciary duty, securities litigation, lost profits, insider trading, and other types of litigation.

Forensic Accounting, Economics, Tax and Finance are the scientific discipline that applies economic theories and methods to matters within a legal framework. It covers, but is not limited to:
•The calculation of pecuniary damages in personal and commercial litigation.
•Other matters subject to legal review, such as public policy analysis, and business, property, and asset valuation.
•The analysis of liability, such as the statistical analysis of discrimination, the analysis of market power in antitrust disputes, and fraud detection.

"Quality Tax Advisory That Moves You Forward"

Tax investigations!!!
We have the legislative and regulatory knowledge to advice on strategy and solutions in the event of a jurisdictional tax investigation being launched against your organization, or one of your clients.

Forensic Audit!
Forensic Audit involves the use of auditing and investigative skills to situations that may involve legal implications. Forensic audits may be required in the following instances:
•Quantification of loss in case of insurance claims.
•Determination of the profit share of business partners in case of a dispute.
•Determination of claims of professional negligence relating to the accountancy profession.
•Findings of a forensic audit could be used in the court of law as expert opinion on financial matters.
•Fraud investigations involving misappropriation of funds, money laundering, tax evasion and insider trading.

Fraud & Forensics!!
Executive misconduct, whistleblower allegations, fraud, embezzlement and abuse. These misfortunes can shake an organization to its core and companies seldom have a plan in place for dealing with the aftermath.

Our Tax Accounting Service & Advisory includes:
•Tax Preparation and Compliance — ensuring corporate, partnership & individual filings are timely, complete and accurate
•Audit Representation — resolving tax notices, addressing tax audits and appealing positions with Federal, state and local tax authorities
•Tax Law Changes — keeping you abreast of all the latest relevant changes in legislation
•Advance Rulings — preparing documents and negotiating to facilitate decisions prior to financial transactions

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