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Philadelphia Traffic Safety Campaign


The City of Philadelphia is a month in to its "Drive Right, Ride Right, Walk Right" campaign. The campaign, launched in February, features messages on bus shelters, buses and subway cars, reminding commuters to exercise safety. The $125,000 campaign is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

According to the Mayor, a pedestrian is hit by a car every four hours in Philadelphia. "The economic cost of traffic accidents in Philadelphia exceeds $1 billion a year. The personal costs of traffic tragedies are incalculable," says the Mayro. Adds Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities Rina Cutler: "We need to pay special attention to pedestrians because we are all pedestrians. We need to target the most dangerous and annoying behaviors of cyclists. We need to remind drivers that city streets aren't highways. At the end of the day, this is about making sure everyone gets home safely."

Advertisements are expected to run through the spring. Some of the messages posted throughout the city are:

  • "The sign doesn’t say: sorta stop"
  • "It’s called a sidewalk not a sideride"
  • "Objects in mirror only appear when looked at"

The campaign was developed by Philadelphia based advertising and public relations firm LevLane.

It is too soon to tell if the campaign has had an effect on roadway and sidewalk safety within the city. Mayor Nutter is absolutely correct about the personal effects of traffic tragedies. Traffic accidents can cause serious and permanent physical injuries as well as extreme financial hardship.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured as a result of driver negligence, you may want to consider contacting a personal injury attorney to explain and protect your rights.

Author: Leonard Hill

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