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Accidents Caused by Texting and Driving - Penalties and Liability


Most drivers will admit to driving while distracted at some point or another. Whether it's putting on makeup, eating, or texting while driving, we've all done it. Although any type of distracted driving is generally frowned upon, none compare to the danger of texting while driving. Reading and/or sending a text message is the leading cause of distr...

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What To Do If You Are Involved In a Motor Vehicle Accident

Nobody ever plans to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. But, it’s a good idea to talk about what to do, in case you find yourself in that unfortunate situation. There are some immediate steps that you can talk to ensure that you and your passengers are best protected from additional harm. Check to see that you and your passengers are okay. Sometimes an injured person will be in shock right after an accident. So, it’s a good idea to ask everyone how they are and if there is an injury, call 911 right away. Activate your hazard lights immediately. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe spot on the shoulder. Often following an accident your vehicle is left in a dangerous position on a road with fast-moving vehicles. It’s best to get to a safe location. Neglecting to do so will put you at risk for a secondary...

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Ten Tips To Follow If Your In A Car Accident

Ten Tips To Follow If Your In A Car Accident

Nobody ever expects to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. But as we all know, car accidents do happen. So here are ten tips to follow should you be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Remain Calm. An accident can be shocking and disorienting. Make sure you and your passengers are ok. If not, call 911 right away.If possible, move your vehicle to a safe place. There is nothing more dangerous then being stopped on a road with moving traffic. The best thing to do is to move your vehicle to a nearby parking lot or shoulder of the road.Try and remember that a motor vehicle accident is just that, an accident. Getting angry and screaming at the other driver never helps the situation. Try and remain cordial when speaking. It’s ok to ask if other driver and their passengers are okay. But, you shouldn’t discuss the circumstances of the...

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Always Contact Car Accident Attorneys If Injured In An Accident!

This is definitely one of the most important things that you have to remember in the event that you were involved in a car accident and you were injured. The car accident attorney is basically the best person to help you go through the tough times that are sure to come. In the event that the attorney is not hired, the entire process becomes complicated. The injured party will most likely not receive the deserved compensation. According to, when the case is simple, it is not necessarily obligatory to hire the car accident attorney. The free consultation can easily help you to determine if this need exists or not. If the accident is a little more serious, you will have to always focus on finding the one that is the best for you. How To Determine What Car Accident Attorney To Hire The above mentioned free compensation is definitely when...

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