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The Stark Law and Self-Referring

Stark Law has three provisions that govern how Medicare and Medicaid patients can be referred by a physician to a facility in which the physician has financial interest. The Stark Law history is based in concerns over physicians self-referring. The law is named after Pete Stark, the US congressman who initially sponsored the bill. When doctors have financial interest in patients, blurring the line between patient and customer, the Stark Law governs interactions and behavior to protect the interests of the patient from intrinsically powerful life sciences companies and medical organizations.   Whether a physician owns a facility to which she is referring a patient, or whether she has an investment or compensation relationship with the facility, there is a concern about conflict of interest. The question is asked, did the doctor refer this particular patient to this facility because this is the best place to meet the patient’s needs, or...

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Having number of winning cases in our history

Having number of winning cases in our history

There are many experienced and professional lawyers are working in our company to provide you help to give compensation for expenses made on medical treatments. We are providing you best personal injury lawyer harlemny which provide you proper help for your rights and claims. We help you to get your expenses on your treatment by claim for your rights. Our Brooklyn accident lawyer help you to get all your expenses held on treatment and to get your money which is lost due to work. We have best lawyer to provide you money wastes through the time wastes on treatment. When a family injured in accident they need best injury lawyer. We are the best lawyer for providing you best services to get your claims and rights for your accident. People are so stressed due to their accident they need personal injury lawyer Brooklyn NY. We are experienced lawyer to help you....

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US Law Firms Partner With Draft n Craft To Use Its Summaries As An Aid To Trial

Summaries are of key importance for any trial attorney. Be it a summary of a deposition transcript or a summary of a bunch of medical records, both are critically important as they provide an easy reference for attorneys not only in the discovery phase of a case but also while preparing for a trial.  A deposition summary reduces testimony to key facts, providing a well articulated summary of main events, dates and witnesses. On the other hand a medical records summary reduces records to facts with accurate recording of dates, figures, names, and reports. It also gives a record of key events and diagnosis. Our clients have been enjoying the luxury of technology through the use of our interactive EPUB summaries. We have seen an exponential growth in the summaries done in the last quarter. On an average the team has been producing 500 summaries each month. Our internal market research...

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Double Taxation for Leasehold Improvements

Some business property is being double taxed but the owners don't know it! If you own or lease a restaurant, store, or office space with leasehold improvements there is a good chance that the personal and real property is subject to double taxation. Real property includes all land, buildings, and fixtures. All improvements on leased property must be considered real property. However, leasehold improvements can be taxed as personal property even if those improvements are technically real property so long as the underlying real property assessment does not include value for the leasehold improvements. This is where the costly double taxation can occur. Many real property assessments already include value for leasehold improvements. Cost calculator methods are used to value commercial and industrial buildings and these methods often have added or assumed items covering the leasehold improvements. Assessors also typically add value to the real property assessment when new construction items...

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Personal Property Statements: Don’t make This Costly Mistake!

Urgent! Personal property statement deadlines have already passed, but make sure you didn't make a costly mistake! If you have assessable commercial or industrial personal property you were probably required to file a 2012 Form L-4175 by February 1, 2012. Many taxpayers make the costly mistake of attaching tax asset detail sheets to the personal property statements. These sheets typically include acquisitions costs and dates and provide a basis for completing your personal property statement. However, the sheets often include information for income tax purposes that should not be disclosed to the assessor! Leasehold improvements that are already taxed as real property and are listed on the tax asset detail sheet only for income tax depreciation purposes can be caught by the assessor and entered into your personal property assessment, resulting in double taxation. Sometimes it is necessary to include support for Section M of the personal property statement, the leasehold...

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