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Hit by a Drunk Driver? Why You Shouldn't Settle Right Away

Are you currently recovering from injuries sustained in a crash with a drunk driver? If you are considering seeking compensation for your damages and losses and have been asked to settle, you should know that settling without the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side is almost never the right decision.

If you do accept the settlement, you could be waiving your right to significantly higher amounts of financial compensation for everything from medical bills to pain and suffering. You could also miss latent injuries that might only show up several weeks down the road.

Drunk Driving and Fault

Drunk driving is highly illegal no matter what part of the United States you call home. If someone injures another individual or damages property while engaging in a crime, the courts will almost always decide against them in a civil suit. After all, they chose to drink and drive in the first place—a crime that’s 100 percent preventable.

Simply being able to prove that the other party was drunk while driving is often enough to mean that you are entitled to financial compensation, but waiting for a short period of time can be beneficial. It gives police enough time to secure bloodwork and charge the individual. It may even give them enough time to secure a conviction, something that is incredibly persuasive in court.

You Might Be More Injured Than You Think

The first few minutes and hours after an accident are hectic. You’re stressed, possibly injured, and have much on your mind. Everything that happens after a serious accident can convince you that you’re okay despite strained muscles or hairline fractures. This is just one reason police always encourage accident victims to visit the hospital.

It’s often several days later that all injuries make themselves known. Pursuing a settlement quickly gets money in your hands, but it removes your right to seek compensation if additional injuries turn up later.

Baton Rouge Car Crash Lawyer

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, don’t just accept what the other side offers. Let Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers examine the details and make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve. Call our office at 225-387-2323 or visit us online to get started immediately.

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