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Authorities Identify Five People from Miami-Dade Area Killed in North Florida Crash

Five people have died in Broward County after a devastating vehicle collision that took place near the Old Dixie Highway and US 1 intersection. Maria Rosario Cedeno, 74; Olga Melania Nunez, 70; Gloria Santana, 53; Edwin Santana, 50; and Sonia Elena Melendez, 64, were all killed when they collided with a speeding Ford F-250 at the intersection. Santana’s Mazda Tribute made contact with the SUV from the side while making a turn onto US 1. The impact forced both vehicles into the path of an additional car, a Toyota Camry. Both the Toyota’s and the Ford’s drivers escaped with only moderate injuries.   Intersection Accidents a Frequent Occurrence Unfortunately, accidents at intersections are quite common, especially in areas where trees or guardrails can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. The risk of an accident increases exponentially if the intersection is free of traffic lights or stop signs. This is most...
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Update Regarding the Two-Vehicle Crash That Ended with a Fatality

  Recently a speeding car drove straight into another, causing a fatal accident. Thomas Jorgenson began to make a left turn as a vehicle heading toward him struck the passenger side of his car. Due to the high rate of speed and the force of impact, Jorgenson died due to several blunt force trauma injuries. The driver that struck him attempted to flee, but could not get anywhere due to the severe damage to his own vehicle. He instead fled on foot. After a police chase, the driver was caught and detained. A female passenger who remained in the vehicle was also taken into custody. She was taken to the hospital due to her injuries. The driver had injuries as well, but they were not as severe. The speed limit in the area was set at 30 miles per hour. The driver was traveling more than twice that speed when...
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Hit by a Drunk Driver? Why You Shouldn't Settle Right Away

    Are you currently recovering from injuries sustained in a crash with a drunk driver? If you are considering seeking compensation for your damages and losses and have been asked to settle, you should know that settling without the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side is almost never the right decision. If you do accept the settlement, you could be waiving your right to significantly higher amounts of financial compensation for everything from medical bills to pain and suffering. You could also miss latent injuries that might only show up several weeks down the road.   Drunk Driving and Fault Drunk driving is highly illegal no matter what part of the United States you call home. If someone injures another individual or damages property while engaging in a crime, the courts will almost always decide against them in a civil suit. After all, they chose...
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Austin Police DNA Lab to Remain Closed for Years to Come

  As you can probably guess, DNA labs are especially important when it comes to gathering evidence in criminal cases. DNA can be helpful in solving crimes in many ways, especially in cases where forensic evidence makes or breaks a case. In criminal cases, DNA can help determine your innocence. This makes it important that there be labs available that can carry out their end of the process and provide the testing that hundreds of cases in our area are dependent on. Furthermore, this testing has to be done accurately and according to certain standards.   Issues Surrounding an Austin Police DNA Lab According to recent data, DNA testing has proven that tens of thousands of prime suspects were actually wrongly accused. This is the primary reason that the recent announcement of an Austin PD DNA lab closing is quite problematic. For Austin residents, a closed DNA crime lab can...
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Self-Driving Uber Involved in Rollover in Tempe

    An autonomous Uber SUV was recently sent into a rollover after being struck by a Honda in a Tempe intersection. The accident occurred during gridlock traffic, as the Honda driver believed she was clear to cross multiple lanes due to the stoppage. While she successfully traversed two lanes, she struck the self-driving Uber as it entered the intersection in the third. The force of the impact forced the Uber, which was carrying passengers, onto its side after striking a light pole and two other vehicles. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.   Conflicting Accounts Determining fault in this crash has proven particularly interesting thus far. The Honda driver and a witness at the scene believed that the Uber was at fault, with the witness even claiming that the Uber appeared to be “hitting the gas” in order to beat the yellow light. However, one of the criticisms against self-driving...
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