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Make Your Divorce as Pain-Free as Possible

Make Your Divorce as Pain-Free as Possible
It’s never pleasant when someone you love (or used to love) decides they want to get a divorce. And you might be very cut up about it and looking for ways to stop it from happening. But, you need to focus on making it stress-free, and helping make your life normal again. These are some of the ways in which you can make that happen. Don’t Contest It The worst part of a divorce is when one party digs their heels in and says ‘no’. Let's be honest, if it’s at the divorce stage there’s a good bet the relationship in unsalvageable. So, it’s no use contesting it and refusing to sign the paperwork. It’s just going to add a lot more stress to everyone’s lives, and make the process last longer. A long, drawn outer divorce is never pleasant, and it always ends in tears. So face up to what's...
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