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Common Reasons Why Truck Accidents Occur

truck accident  Unlike smaller vehicles, big commercial trucks are not as agile, fast or easy to drive. As a matter of fact, drivers must be trained first before they should be allowed to drive these big, specialized trucks on the highway with the population. That being said, they are also in a precarious situation as they are very prone to accidents. Any truck accident is tragic as they are usually fatal and can cost a lot because of the damage it can generate due largely to its sheer size. However, it is always important to state that trucks or the truck drivers are not always the reason accidents happen. There are many reasons truck accidents happen and some are listed below. When small passenger vehicles cause the truck accident, these are the most common circumstance that causes the incident: Driving in areas adjacent to the truck or areas where the truck driver...
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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy can relieve an individual most of his/her debts and work on rebuilding finances anew. This kind of bankruptcy is also called liquidation or straight bankruptcy.  When an individual files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, his assets are sold off to pay the outstanding debts. Whatever cannot be recovered is written off and the debtor is able to start all over. There were changes in 2005 on Chapter 7 relief which makes it harder to qualify for this kind of bankruptcy. The rules for filing bankruptcy vary on the kind of bankruptcy you are filing for. Getting legal assistance can help you get more information on bankruptcy and how to file for it. Eligibility You must pass the ‘means’ test to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is also likely that the court will convert a chapter 7 bankruptcy to chapter 13. Individuals who accrued debts when running...
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