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Hit by a Drunk Driver? Why You Shouldn't Settle Right Away

    Are you currently recovering from injuries sustained in a crash with a drunk driver? If you are considering seeking compensation for your damages and losses and have been asked to settle, you should know that settling without the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side is almost never the right decision. If you do accept the settlement, you could be waiving your right to significantly higher amounts of financial compensation for everything from medical bills to pain and suffering. You could also miss latent injuries that might only show up several weeks down the road.   Drunk Driving and Fault Drunk driving is highly illegal no matter what part of the United States you call home. If someone injures another individual or damages property while engaging in a crime, the courts will almost always decide against them in a civil suit. After all, they chose...
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Three Killed in Explosion at Packaging Plant North of Lake Charles

      Most employers do their best to avoid workplace accidents by setting proper safety protocols in place. While these measures help stop many incidents, there are still accidents and injuries that occur regardless. In just one year, an average of more than 4,800 workers will be killed while on the job. Recently, multiple people witnessed this first-hand at a packaging plant north of Lake Charles. The Packaging Corporation of America suffered a devastating explosion. It ended the lives of three workers and left more injured. An medical helicopter was immediately dispatched to the plant so that the injured workers could be taken to a nearby hospital and treated for their injuries.   Employer Responsibility for Safe Work Environments In cases like these, if employers are guilty of willful or gross negligence, they can face legal repercussions for workplace accidents, especially if the appropriate safety measures were not in place...
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