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Authorities Identify Five People from Miami-Dade Area Killed in North Florida Crash

Five people have died in Broward County after a devastating vehicle collision that took place near the Old Dixie Highway and US 1 intersection. Maria Rosario Cedeno, 74; Olga Melania Nunez, 70; Gloria Santana, 53; Edwin Santana, 50; and Sonia Elena Melendez, 64, were all killed when they collided with a speeding Ford F-250 at the intersection. Santana’s Mazda Tribute made contact with the SUV from the side while making a turn onto US 1. The impact forced both vehicles into the path of an additional car, a Toyota Camry. Both the Toyota’s and the Ford’s drivers escaped with only moderate injuries.   Intersection Accidents a Frequent Occurrence Unfortunately, accidents at intersections are quite common, especially in areas where trees or guardrails can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. The risk of an accident increases exponentially if the intersection is free of traffic lights or stop signs. This is most...
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Road Workers Dead After Collapsing Underground

  The untimely death of three road workers was the result of poor ventilation inside of a drainage pipe. Generally, these pipes are to be properly vented before anyone enters in order to protect the workers from injury and death. This standard procedure was not employed in this case, and at this time, it is unclear as to why. The men collapsed in the drainage pipe due to breathing in a combination of hydrogen sulfide gas and methane. There was not enough oxygen in the pipe to sustain life. The first man collapsed, which was when the second man entered to help him. When he collapsed, the third went in after him, and he too perished in the drainage pipe.   Ventilation Procedure Not Observed Rick Ramsay, the Monroe County Sheriff, stated, “Generally, you want to ventilate the tube out before you go in there and have proper breathing stuff. It...
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