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Austin Police DNA Lab to Remain Closed for Years to Come

  As you can probably guess, DNA labs are especially important when it comes to gathering evidence in criminal cases. DNA can be helpful in solving crimes in many ways, especially in cases where forensic evidence makes or breaks a case. In criminal cases, DNA can help determine your innocence. This makes it important that there be labs available that can carry out their end of the process and provide the testing that hundreds of cases in our area are dependent on. Furthermore, this testing has to be done accurately and according to certain standards.   Issues Surrounding an Austin Police DNA Lab According to recent data, DNA testing has proven that tens of thousands of prime suspects were actually wrongly accused. This is the primary reason that the recent announcement of an Austin PD DNA lab closing is quite problematic. For Austin residents, a closed DNA crime lab can...
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The Structure of Texas Criminal Courts

  If you are charged with a crime, your case will follow the structure of the Texas criminal court system. Read on to learn about how your case might progress through the legal system.   Local Trial Courts Most cases will start with the local courts. If you're charged with a minor misdemeanor, you may start in either the municipal or justice court system. Only minor misdemeanors that can be punished with fines begin in these courts. Municipal courts also have original jurisdiction over municipal ordinance criminal cases. Each county has between one and sixteen justice courts, which have original jurisdiction in class C misdemeanor criminal cases and can issue arrest warrants.   County Courts Each county has its own county court, overseen by a county judge called the constitutional county courts. They have jurisdiction over class A and class B misdemeanors, probate matters, and appeals de novo from municipal...
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