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Three Killed in Explosion at Packaging Plant North of Lake Charles




Most employers do their best to avoid workplace accidents by setting proper safety protocols in place. While these measures help stop many incidents, there are still accidents and injuries that occur regardless.

In just one year, an average of more than 4,800 workers will be killed while on the job. Recently, multiple people witnessed this first-hand at a packaging plant north of Lake Charles.

The Packaging Corporation of America suffered a devastating explosion. It ended the lives of three workers and left more injured. An medical helicopter was immediately dispatched to the plant so that the injured workers could be taken to a nearby hospital and treated for their injuries.


Employer Responsibility for Safe Work Environments

In cases like these, if employers are guilty of willful or gross negligence, they can face legal repercussions for workplace accidents, especially if the appropriate safety measures were not in place at the time of the incident. This is especially true if the employer has a history of worker complaints or OSHA violations.

There are also instances where workers are hurt or killed because of someone or something other than the employer. Manufacturers, coworkers, mechanics, and many others could be held responsible.


Compensation for a Workplace Injury

In any event, employees who are injured while on the job have a right to immediate medical treatment and could be entitled to compensation for lost wages and other damages sought through a personal injury lawsuit.

In the Packaging Corporation of America case, the sheriff's department in the area must now perform a thorough investigation to determine what caused the explosion. It may turn out that the victims and their families will have options beyond just workers compensation.


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